123versH sofa

This is a new product and the page is being updated. New pictures and product information are coming!

The 123versH sofa's set and easy chairs are available with different upholstery options.

Would you want to sit more upright or lounge comfortably? Two different seat depths; Original and Lazy

What seat height do you want? Three leg heights 10, 12 and 15cm

Do you like narrower or wider armrests? Three different armrest thicknesses, 4, 8 and 15cm

What kind of padding do you want? You can choose foam in different stiffnesses and Kaani Softmix padding

Leg shape? You can choose angular 5*5cm and round 7.6cm

What kind of upholstery material? Kaani has the so-called free fabrics and leathers. Available in different materials and colors!

Sofa's length? There are a lot of standard dimensions and also special measurements.

Form? Straight sofa and corner options. Armrests and divan. Footstool …… anything!

The best way to get information about this new product is from our store in Turku, by phone or email.



If you can't find your preferable color, material option or size from the list, contact us either by phone on 044 906 4050 or email us at info@kaani.net

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123 is Kaani's new and already very extensive product family. 123 products have a plain design and a clear Scandinavian line.
By means of 123 products, you can create a fresh appearance for your home or office.
Only the high-class raw materials are used in the production of 123 products.



Idols 215, Idols 217, Idols 861, Leather - Gray, Leather - Cognac, Leather - Black, Leather- White