Jazz-Grand replacement hood


You can easily make Kaani’s original Jazz-Grand chair look as new again!

Order new hoods for your chairs from us!

At the same time, you can order new padding and plastic plug package if needed.

You can also order from us custom work for changing of hoods and chair’s full maintenance.

This way you can make your chairs look brand new and cheerful again!

We make hoods from all suitable fabrics.

On SALE fabrics!

Fabrics NOTE! intermediate sales reservations. You will receive a piece of textile from the fabric of your choice by post in advance.

You can also order several patches to examine at home.

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We make Jazz-Grand replacement hoods from all suitable furniture fabrics.

Instruction and guide will be sent along with the new hoods.

For the members of Kaani's inner circle i.e. regular customers receives top offer from certain fabrics. So, join NOW to get yours!

We also make replacement hoods or any upholsteries for our different chairs and products.

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Outlet - removed fabric, Idols 215, Idols 217, Idols 861, Leather - Gray, Leather - Cognac, Leather - Black, Leather- White.