Jazz work desks


Sizes of Jazz desks: 60*138cm, 60*160cm and 60*200cm.

Jazz drawer is an excellent partner for the desk.

There are soft-surfaced mini swivel wheels under the table and drawer.

Like other Jazz products, work desks can be ordered with special dimensions, if you can’t find suitable size from our standard dimensions.

Thanks to the strong structure, we have manufactured up to 3m long!


If you can't find your preferable color, material option or size from the list, contact us either by phone 044 906 4050 or email us at info@kaani.net

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Characteristic features of Jazz products include e.g. horizontal use of wood, which often lightens the look of the entire interior. Another trademark is the good usability of the products. Several material and color options will hopefully help you find the right solution for your home. If you can't find standard solutions, Kaani will fulfill special solutions in terms of both materials and colors.



Birch, Glossy paint, Semi-gloss, Oak


60*138cm, 60*160cm, 60*200cm