Helsinki shelves structure

Helsinki shelves adapt for many needs!

Do you want Helsinki as a room divider or a wall shelf? With convenient hidden attachment to the floor and wall.

The vertical bars are steel tubes with the diameter of 42.4mm and 2.6mm substance strength steel pipe. The shelf is sturdy even with the higher version. With the help of adjustments, the installation of vertical pipes is also possible on slightly inclined surfaces, e.g. in old buildings.
For orders, we manufacture vertical bars for different room heights.
Shelves and cabinets attachment transfer option is 10 cm interval.
The glass shelves are 10mm tempered clear glass. We also deliver different colors and optiwhite glasses.
The cabinets have pop-up latches fixed on the doors.
Depth of shelves and cabinets is 25cm. The shelves of the wall-mounted version are 2cm away from the wall.
Standard colors of metal parts: Black, white, and steel grey.

Kaani designer: Esko Niinikorpi




Helsinki is Kaani's latest product family.
It represents a slightly fascinating design language.
Designer: Esko Niinikorpi