Kaanin oman myymälä on avattu osoitteessa

Satakunnantie 162, 20320 Turku (Iskun kiinteistö).



Kaani uses the latest CNF-technology in making its products, as well as the craftmanship of our top professionals.

Our machines are well-selected specifically to produce Kaani’s high-quality products. In our product, designs, production process and ecological requirements are important!

The selection, accuracy, and finishing of materials are matters of honor to our professionals.

We will do our best to make sure, that Kaani’s customers are satisfied with their purchases.

Please contact us if you need more information: 044 906 4050 or info@kaani.net 044 906 4050 tai Email us: info@kaani.net

Kaani designer: Esko Niinikorpi

Ordering from us is safe.

Our company has been chosen as one of the strongest in Finland.