We want to make sure that our valued customer receives the right product from us. Kaani has a huge amount of different material options.

Below you’ll find Kaani's own wood- and upholstery materials. You have basically all the options, which are applicable for furniture upholstering. If ever, there is no suitable upholstery material from our supplier’s selections, you can also send us with the material you want, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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Wood Materials



Metal Part's Colors:

Upholstery Fabric


Idols is an easycare bouclé fabric with a beautiful vivid surface, which suits even for a demanding use. The fabric is calmly elegant atmospherically. It is made of durable and smooth fibers that make the fabric dirt-repellent and antibacterial.

Idols is easy-to-maintain and water washable easycare- upholstery fabric.


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Altamura is stylish and timeless fabric with a coarse surface. The fabric is woven in a double warp, so it is durable and the slight sheen of the threads makes the colors glow and make the fabric look luxurious. The fabric is great for all kinds of upholstery, such as chairs, sofas and headboards. The fabric is fireproof and has an IMO B classification. All AquaClean furniture fabrics are also carbon neutral. It's an easycare AquaClean fabric.


Bolshoi is timelessly elegant velvet fabric. Its broad color chart includes beautiful neutral tones as well as wonderfully deep colors that shimmer like jewels. The Bolshoi fabric is suitable for upholstery as well as cushion covers. Luxurious fleece fabric in wonderful tones.


Extremely easy-care fabric, clean dirt stains with just water. The antimicrobial SafeFront feature of AquaClean furniture fabrics prevents the growth of viruses and bacterias on the material's surfice. AquaClean molecular layer, on the other hand, prevents the bacterias from entering the fabric's deeper fiber layers. The SafeFront treatment is applied to the fiber of the AquaClean fabric, so it is completely ecological, safe and durable for machine-wash. All AquaClean furniture fabrics are also carbon neutral.

Easy-care AquaClean fabric.


Turia is a fabric mainly intended for beanbag- chairs. It is a Trevira-cotton blend, and the durability of the fabric is excellent. Beanbags upholstered with Turia fabric are suitable for roofed-terraces.

Kaani's leather:

Extremely durable furniture leather. Suitable for all types of furniture upholsteries.

CC - criss cross leatherette

Versatile and expressive material for all furniture upholstery.